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Please note this add was also posted in the gig section as it applies to both gig work, and regular work

Spring is here, or is it? We are looking for an all around solid safety conscious hard working relaxed individual, to help clean up small yards around town, mulch, plant and prune shrubbery under guidance, help clean up around the exterior and interior of buildings, apartments, and work areas. The suitable applicant does not necessarily need to be skilled in any specific area, but it won't be held against you if you are! Basically we are looking for a clear thinking individual, that may enjoy physical work and fresh air when working outside. Someone who does not need to be told to not be on their phone all the time while on the clock, doesn't need to be told how to act professionally around others when necessary, and doesn't creep out the people who live on the properties we take care of, lol.

This job could be seasonal, or could be a year round position depending on the applicant's needs. Either is fine with us, although we would prefer to hire someone that would want to work through the majority of the summer at the minimum. Could be okay with a shorter commitment for the right person. Time off can be arranged in advance. There may be a few firm dates we would need you to be available for during the summer, but otherwise we could be flexible if you needed to take a trip or two.

The person that would be the best fit for this position would have an upbeat personality, find joy in honest work and in completing tasks, would enjoy stepping back, looking at a job well done, and be proud of their work; well, hopefully proud, lol sometimes there is a learning curve! All good as long as no one gets hurt, or highly expensive materials don't all get ruined

This is not a requirement, but this position could be inspiring for those who would potentially like to learn a variety of trades; mostly related to the remodeling, light construction, and landscaping arenas. Other skill training possibilities could be available as well. Many people do really enjoy learning all aspects of the building trades, cerebral types as well as general laborers. For those with the desire and aptitude, can train you to read blueprints, draft and layout structures, interface with outside professional vendors, and etc. This would not be the primary objective for this position, but rather could be a possibility for someone with a valid interest in the work.

Typically folks in this position fall into one of two categories; those that like working and helping complete tasks as directed alongside a skilled person if the task dictates needing a skilled person, and those that are inquisitive and like to ask a lot of questions and actually learn how to do the task, with support from a skilled person of course, and then go on to be able to perform the task with minimal oversight. There are also always youtube videos that some workers choose to watch in advance of a job, so they have a better foundation to build skills on when they do a new task for the first time. Lot's of bad and incorrect information on youtube though, so always good to ask first before putting something into practice that you have seen there! Lots of good info too, just it is hard for people to know what is legit or not if they don't know anything about the subject matter.

Okay, we support a smoke free environment in the work place, and aim to provide a safe, friendly, non-toxic, and inclusive work environment. A cigarette here and there at an appropriate time and place is acceptable, but our preference is to not expose oneself or others to cigarette smoke.

A diverse group of people have served in this position, from many college students, folks taking a break from college, those who have graduated and are waiting to get a job in their field, high-school students, working parents, single moms, new transplants to Ithaca, immigrants, and even those who have fallen on hard times. We are happy to consider anyone for the position that is physically able to do the work, and that does not have a bad attitude. We are fine with introverts, so no need to be a gregarious sort if that is not your thing. If you prefer to work alone, for whatever reason, there are plenty of tasks where that could be arranged. On a separate subject, please note we do not wish to hire anyone who would be bringing their personal problems to the workplace.

Please respond through the craigslist link on this post. Please respond with any work experience if you have any, any skills or aptitude you feel might be pertinent to this position, and any education experience if you have it. Please also share any responsibilities that may affect your availability, like needing to get your child on a school bus at a certain time, any sport responsibilities that could interfere with the work day, or whatever else may affect work availability on an ongoing basis. Also please note whether you prefer to work M-F only, or if you prefer weekends only, or if you are up for all of it! Weather can change rapidly, so sometimes easier to schedule certain things when weather is conducive.

The weather is getting nicer, so we are looking to start someone sooner rather than later. Willing to wait a bit for the right person in case you need to give your two weeks somewhere, or wait until classes wind down. Could start part-time and turn into full-time if you are not able to work full-time yet.

Please note this job can be a career for the right person, if you are looking for one.

If this post it up, we are still hiring. Because it can take from days to a week to set up an appointment for an applicant to come in and chat about the position, it may take a bit to get back to you. We are hiring more than one person, so don't fret if you don't hear back right away. Also, please check your spam folder, many email services like to put craigslist emails straight into the spam folder it seems.

Thanks for reading, please keep responses professional, thanks!


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