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Position: Assistant Construction Superintendent & Community Warranty Manager


Assist Construction Superintendent in pre-construction planning and Coordination

o Trade contract scoping

o Clash Detection Between Trade System & Disciplines

Assist in overseeing construction projects from beginning to end

Oversee and hold trades accountable for vertical construction activities while maintaining positive long term relationships

Critical Path Method Scheduling:

Understand and identify all development and construction tasks and provide input to establish all predecessor

and successor relationships

Assist the Superintendent with regular schedule updates using the Builder Trend software

Set clear and concise direction for day-to-day vertical construction activities

Meet overall project timeline schedules and budgets as established with Superintendent and Carter Hill’s Market President

Create daily logs related to construction activities, including reporting number of trades and personnel onsite and any conditions (i.e., weather, 3rd party delays, etc.) that affect production

Assist in preparing timely reports of schedule progress for project team members and senior management

Provide clear and concise communication of project progress including trade issues, scheduling conflicts, and budgetary constraints to the project Superintendent and Market President

Host regularly trade partner meetings and Trade Contractor meetings.

Work with Superintendent and design consultants (architects and engineers) to coordinate/facilitate solutions to Requests for Information “RFI’s”

Assist Superintendent and affected trade(s) by coordinating all RFI’s, ASI’s (Architectural Supplemental Instructions) and contract-related notifications

Organize and maintain a productive job site

Set an example of work site safety by always wearing proper personal protective equipment “PPE’s”

Promote job site safety, encourage safe work practices, look for and rectify job site hazards

Supervise all trade partners, consultants, and vendors, daily

Foster positive, efficient, long-term relationships with internal colleagues, trade partners, suppliers, and vendors, and home buyers

Ensure quality workmanship and conformance with specifications, product manufacturer requirements and industry standards

Keep Superintendent and senior management immediately and fully informed of potential delays, scheduling issues, or any other escalating issues or concerns

Assist Superintendent in conducting pre-construction, pre-drywall orientations and final pre-closing orientations with home buyers setting appropriate expectations that can easily be achieved or exceeded.

Manage Carter Hill Homes home owner warranty program with scheduled follow-ups at 1-month, 6-months and 11-months after close of escrow

Be able to manage through complex warranty issues through to final resolution while maintaining positive and professional relationships with customers

Be able to withstand harsh criticism, warranted or not, from home buyers while maintaining a professional and polite decorum in response

Perform routine inspections of work in progress, including comprehensive quality assurance punch lists at



Substantial Completion

Arrive on-site before trades (between 7am and 7:30 am)

Unlock production homes

Call in and schedule municipal Building Department inspections

Ensure homes are prepared for municipal inspections in advance

Walk through all production homes at least twice daily to review progress and follow-up immediately on any trade non-shows.

Lock up production homes at the end of each day, locking them up prior to leaving (typically between 4:00 and 4:30pm)

Willing to come in early, stay late or work Saturdays if necessary to keep projects on track

Willingness to occasionally perform last minute prep and detail trade labor tasks when trades are unable to complete them in a timely manner before a buyer walk through or closing. As an example, this may involve:


Paint Touch Up

Programming of Appliances, Thermostats, Irrigation Clocks, etc.

Last minute touch-up Cleaning tasks

 Vacuuming

 Wiping down surfaces

 Picking up Trash

 Pulling Weeds

 Etc.

Qualifications, Traits, Skills Attributes:




Passionate about the Building Industry


Willingness to own and learn from mistakes

High Integrity


Discloses Information

Effective Communication Skills



Able to converse with others on their level

Home Buyers / Home Owner’s

Trade Personnel

 Owners

 Foreman

 Craftsman

 Skilled Laborers

 Unskilled Laborers

 Office Staff

 Schedulers


 Engineers

 Architects

Municipal Inspectors

Governmental Regulators

Internal Colleagues

 Sales

 Construction

 Purchasing

 Administrative Staff

Clean & Neat in Appearance and Grooming

Cleanly Clothes

Appropriate Attire

 Durable Comfortable Shoes

For Males:

 Clean Shaven or Trimmed and Groomed Trimmed Facial Hair

Team Oriented

Works well with others

Recognizes and acknowledges needs of other team members, prioritizes them and follows-up to ensure satisfaction

Organized (Personally, Digitally, Paperwork, Supplies and Workspace)

Confident, yet Humble

Recognizes, Owns, and Learns From Mistakes

Able to prioritize tasks by importance

Able to execute priority tasks efficiently

Ability to track task progress

Ability to manage proactively as opposed to reactively

High School diploma or equivalent

Able to identify defective workmanship and assign corrective actions to appropriate trades

Comfortable with using Technology, for example


Smart Phones


Construction experience, examples:

Vocational Training

Trade Work Experience

Construction Management College Course Work

Advantageous, but not Necessary on Day One

Some College, Vocational Training

Ability to Identify All Residential Construction Activities

Understanding of residential construction activity sequencing

Understanding of predecessor / successor relationships for every activity

Efficient w/ Technology Applications/Software

Microsoft Office Suite

 Excel

 Word

 Power Point

Builder Trend

Work Experience as an Assistant Construction Superintendent

Automatic Disqualifiers

No High School Degree or Equivalent

Substance Abuse Additions/Habits

Inability arrive early and put in the time & energy required

Unwillingness to Use Technology in Project Management Execution

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