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Summary THIS IS A NATIONAL GUARD TITLE 32 EXCEPTED SERVICE POSITION. The National Guard is the oldest component of the Armed Forces of the United States. Since the earliest American colonial days, citizens have joined together for collective defense. We have a proud tradition of coming to the aid of our friends and neighbors in times of serious emergencies. Join our National Guard team and serve your nation, your states and your community! Responsibilities Position Description # D2240P01 This position works within an Air National Guard Aviation Wing, Maintenance Group, Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Avionics Element, Avionics Shop, Communications/Navigation/ECM, or Guidance and Control shop. It is an Air National dual status technician position that requires military membership, compatible military skill assignment and classification. The primary purpose of this position is to install, modify, overhaul, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, align, calibrate, and rebuild multi-system avionics complexes consisting of multiple completely integrated electronic avionics systems where the complex accomplishes a number of major functions. The worker in this career field must demonstrate the ability to perform on- or off-equipment maintenance on one or more complete electronic integrated systems associated with the assigned aircraft and/or maintenance on automatic flight control systems, instrument systems, inertial and radar navigation systems Performs other duties as assigned. -Performs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on one or more multi-complex electronic integrated systems. Completes operational checks, inspections, tests, trouble shooting, removal and replacement of Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) which are linked with integrated systems and LRUs which are independent or associated with nonintegrated systems. - Reviews and analyzes maintenance data; determines if criteria are sufficient to provide adequate test, troubleshooting and repair procedures; devises and recommends tests, procedural changes, or data corrections. Aligns, adjusts, and performs final calibrations on integrated systems to determine successful repairs. -Troubleshoots operational malfunctions and analyzes system performance utilizing aircrew debrief data, Technical Orders, schematic and wiring diagrams, engineering drawings, data analysis, common and system-specific test equipment and built in system tests. Performs on and off-equipment maintenance on systems such as automatic flight control, instruments, communication, navigation, and inertial navigation. Coordinates back shop bench check (if applicable, completes testing, repair, inspection, modification, programming, reprogramming, mating, adjusting, alignment, and analyzing of LRUs and shop replaceable units (SRUs) -Recommends methods to improve equipment performance, technical data, and maintenance procedures by reporting hardware and software malfunctions, initiates material deficiency reports both on equipment and in technical data, and assists in design changes as necessary. Conducts aircrew debriefing to determine the nature of system malfunctions. -May upload and download chaff/flare dispensers. This hazardous task may involve the inspection, storage and handling of explosive devices; to include flares, chaff, impulse cartridges and similar items. Conducts on-the-job training on assigned systems and related support equipment and tasks to include classroom instruction as necessary. Requirements Conditions of Employment Qualifications MINIMUM MILITARY GRADE: E-3 MAXIMUM MILITARY GRADE: E-5 Your rank MUST be included somewhere within your resume. You must fully substantiate in your own words that you meet the requirements listed below. When explaining minimum requirements and specialized experience you must give examples. Do not copy from the vacancy announcement or the position description. Explain it in your own words and give examples to be considered for this vacancy. All personnel applying for this position who do not meet the minimum military grade requirement MUST provide the proper signed memorandum from your respective Military Personnel Office (MILPO for ARNG, FSS for ANG) to prove eligibility to obtain the required grade upon accepting the position. All personnel who exceed the maximum military rank must provide a memorandum explaining if selected for this position, you will accept an administrative reduction in rank. The memorandum must be submitted WITH your application to be considered for this position. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Experience or training which demonstrates the applicant's knowledge to perform duties such as, install, modify, overhaul, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, align, calibrate, and rebuild multi-system avionics complexes. Ability to collect and analyze data effectively, efficiently, and accurately. Able to apply procedures and directives by reading and interpreting material. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Applicant must have a validated understanding of the basic principles and concepts of the occupational series and grade. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must have 18 months experience or training demonstrating the ability to repair, overhaul, rebuild, align, and adjust complete multi-systems such as the electronics package in a highly automated aircraft where target acquisition and tracking, weapons control, aircraft attitude control, navigation, and other complex functions are performed by numerous systems which are extensively interconnected with data feedback loops. Applies comprehensive knowledge of all major units of the complete multisystem, i.e., how they function independently, how they are interfaced in the integrated subsystems, and how the subsystems interact to achieve operating specifications. Able to determine proper sequence of operations and start point in sequential operations in order to pinpoint areas of malfunction. Extensive practical knowledge of the theories and practices of electromagnetic propagation, electronic circuits, computer theory, hydraulic or pneumatic control and power systems, and many other areas covering a wide range of system applications. Broad knowledge of the interactions among a number of closely integrated complex systems. Knowledge of mathematics, including trigonometry, to calculate power relation ships, signal phasing, etc. Ability to interpret drawings for multisystem complexes such as the complete electronics package for an aircraft including numerous interconnections of signal paths both between and within individual subsystems of the multisystem complex. Ability to isolate malfunctions of complete multiple integrated systems consisting of closely interrelated fire control, bombing-navigation, flight control, countermeasures or similar systems and to determine the methods of repair where extremely complex relationships exist among numerous interconnected units and control circuits not only within the individual control systems but between them as well, requiring complete knowledge of all electronic, mechanical, and or optical systems and units. Performs on-equipment or off-equipment maintenance on one or more complete electronic integrated systems associated with the assigned aircraft, and/or maintenance on automatic flight control systems, instrument systems, inertial and radar navigation systems Education There are no educational requirements for this position. Additional Information Permanent Change of Station: PCS funds are not available for this position. Incentives: Relocation and Recruitment Incentives may be authorized for this position. All WVNG positions are pending availability of resources and funds.

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