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Hello my name is David with early bird Lawn Care I'm trying to write the best most honest I help wanted ad the ad that I can make. I will overshare but I am looking for the right person. I am a 43 year old male born and raised in South Dayton with a nice dog that travels with me. Clean cut and professional semi conservative. But not crazy conservative. I have two trucks a and some very nice equipment to work with to make our job easier. Sometimes I need a help with and sometimes I don't. First week is an interview first day as an interview this is not a cash under the table job I'm looking to be 100% compliance in every way. I don't know how I'm going to pull this off with the whole covid-19 but I am certainly going to try we do Residential mowing mulching Landscape Maintenance and I'm also working to clean up a duplex. Pay is based on your experience I will train I will also love to phase in the right people. If we hit it off and work extremely well together they could lead to something part-time long-term or maybe full-time long time for the right persons personality match is key. I don't want to deal with thugs a punks friendly if you have experience running a commercial weed eater or doing landscaping that would be a plus I don't want your promise people a lot of money your ability to perform and help me grow my business will directly affect how much I can afford to pay you and for how long. I hate to see anybody walk away from a big job to work for a small company so you're welcome to work for me for a couple hours here and there to see if we work well together. Attitude is everything. Is a non-smoking company and work environment. Lunch is normally provided. And pay daily during the first 30 days. We work hard and safe my prices are in line with industry standard honesty and transparency is very important to me. Must be able to pass a drug test in a background check. If you have a driver's license and a vehicle that is a plus I will consider picking up the right person for work. Our company policy is that image kind of matters. You would like more information please text your name and phone number 9373972799

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