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OUR MISSION:The Ignite Experience Internship exists to equip entrepreneurial-minded leaders with real and engaging business experience for a seamless launch into their first career.The Ignite Experience at Chick-fil-A is a six-month experiential learning leadership development program designed to launch students or recent college graduates into their careers with knowledge and skills that will allow them to excel as leaders within Chick-fil-A or any other organization. Participants in The Ignite Experience Internship will receive individual coaching and development from the local franchise Owner at their Chick-fil-A restaurant, from a professional Executive Leadership coach and from Restaurant Leaders on all levels. A personal letter of recommendation and a long-term Chick-fil-A network will be provided upon graduation of the program.Let us invest in you!WHAT DOES THIS INTERNSHIP OFFER YOU?1) Pay: We don’t believe in unpaid internships. Earn up to $14/hour as an Ignite Intern while gaining invaluable experience with a #1-ranked Customer Service Brand. Availability and hours worked are considered when negotiating pay.2) Scholarship Opportunities: Chick-fil-A Cottonwood offered $25,000 in scholarships to our team in 2020, with approximately 75% of applicants receiving a scholarship! These scholarships can be applied to tuition, books, lodging, and many other categories connected to your time as a student.3) Free Food: A free meal is offered for every shift worked. Eat Mor Chikin!4) Project Management: You will have the opportunity to tackle an important area of the business during your tenure with Chick-fil-A. You will gain practical experience in business by owning and executing on a project in the business that demands real-world attention and problem solving. This is a huge resume builder! From accounting, marketing, and leadership development to supply chain, inventory management, and HR, The Ignite Experience offers real-world experience to launch you into your career – with results to show!5) Leading Self: The Ignite Experience is designed to help you grow personally and professionally as you gain experience with self-development, priority management, emotional intelligence, and leveraging strengths. The StrengthsFinder Assessment will be purchased, provided, and evaluated by a professional execution coach for you to provide further insight into your leadership traits and gifts.6) Being Part of a High-performing Team: You will experience being part of a team who creates common goals, sets a team culture, solves problems together, and intentionally grows community. Working with over 80 people, you will experience the interview and hiring process, as well as witness team member reviews, feedback conversations, and team celebrations!7) Leading Others: You will learn how to and gain experience in leading people in one-on-one and small-group settings through formal coaching sessions, on-the-job coaching, facilitating meetings, training, and overall engaging and developing others.8) Leading an Organization: You will be equipped and experience leading an organization by creating goals around key business metrics, developing and maintaining business systems, and assisting with Human Resources (including recruitment, hiring, training, coaching, performance reviews, and termination).9) Chick-fil-A and Business Connections / Pipeline: You should feel connected to a wider network of Chick-fil-A beyond a single restaurant. The experience should be a differentiating factor that allows you to stand out as a candidate in other opportunities within Chick-fil-A or other organizations.10) Personal Development: You should experience genuine development that is personal to you. This means one-on-one, but also crafted uniquely to your personality, interests, and personal story. Meeting with local leaders in differing fields can assist in this personal development.11) Business Acumen: You should gain both knowledge and skills to excel in business, regardless if your intended career path is with Chick-Fil-A.12) Tangible Management Skills: You should walk away with a toolkit of resources to manage others. This includes a library of books, devotions, and manuals to ensure success, provided by the Franchise Owner.13) Launch: The Ignite Experience is not an end unto itself, but is intentionally designed around “launching” onto something greater, even if that means outside of Chick-fil-A. As the six months draw to a close, you will be coached and assisted by your Franchise Owner and Directors to find the next step that is right for you.YOU’LL GET THE WORK EXPERIENCE YOU NEEDCompanies demand work experience. We can provide it. The work experience portion of The Ignite Experience places you into a leadership role at a Chick-fil-A Restaurant, where you perform a functional job, as well as provide leadership of the entire business as part of a leadership team.· Work on a high-performance leadership team to actively solve problems and grow a business.· Work “in the business” at least 15 hours per week to have full understanding of the demands of the Chick-fil-A business.· Work “on the business” on your Ignite Project to ensure real world experience in problem-solving and critical thinking. This Ignite Project is an assigned project to tackle while you are employed at Chick-fil-A. This may involve creating inventory solutions, creating a marketing brand strategy and executing on it, managing HR orientation/onboard systems, efficiency improvement, etc. This special assignment will be the differentiating factor between The Ignite Experience and any other part-time internship by ensuring a unique and real-world experience for you that you can present to a future employer and put on your resume! The intent of this project is to allow you to have results to show for your commitment. This is what differentiates us from other internships. No filing papers here!· You will work together with Directors who lead the Operations portion to help them solve problems by improving the talent level and improving our systems and processes.Acquired Skills and Resume Builders:Through these rotations, you will receive detailed training, development, and experience in the areas of:· Hospitality & customer service· Talent recruitment, selection, and HR decisions· Training and development· Marketing and sales growth· Event planning and execution· Systems and operations· Quality management· Team leadership and management· Behavior coaching / feedback· Budgeting· Time / Priority management· Delegation· Pitching sales· Project managementOngoing Leadership Workshops:· Coaching / Behavior feedback· Delegation· Budgeting· Financial return· Team leadership· Team management· Goal setting & business planning· Meeting management· Performance reviews· Stress managementRECRUITMENT/SELECTION PROCESSWe are seeking students and recent college graduates who are already strong leaders and are looking for intentional leadership development to “ignite” into a career in leadership. This is an opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience, and individual mentorship and development that will help discover unique strengths and your vocational niche.Pre-requisites:· A degree or pursuit of a degree from an accredited four-year college or university· Six months leadership experience in work or school· Four references (two personal, two professional)· Ability and willingness to commit to a six-month employment and development opportunityTraining / Rotation Timeline· Team Member Training: One month training as a team member to learn all aspects of the restaurant. Should include the area of focus that pertains to the specially-assigned project.· Execution Phase: Trained with the proper tools, you will work “in” and “on” the business – gaining operational experience in the business and then applying what you learn to the Ignite Project.· Phase Out / Launch: The last two weeks will be considered "phase-out time." At this point, you should be training others and working on launching into the next opportunity – Chick-Fil-A or elsewhere. In this timeframe, you will work directly with the Franchise Owner to finalize your resume, fine-tune interviewing skills, and create a summarized presentation of your work and results. At the end of this process, you will be provided a letter of recommendation and have all the tools you need to “wow” your next potential employer!A PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM UNIQUE TO YOUR NEEDSThe Ignite Experience’s personal development program is designed to give you a holistic leadership development experience that will give additional insight into how to “lead self” first, as well as those you will be leading in the years to come. The personal development piece is not so much about “what you are learning,” although that is important; but instead, it focuses more on “who you are becoming.”There are several elements that help make up the personal development opportunity, but can largely be grouped into two categories: a personal development plan and coaching.Leadership Curriculum and Library: Participants will receive a series of books during their time in the program. Suggested books include:· Wealth: Is It Worth It by S. Truett Cathy· Eat Mor Chikin, Inspire More People by Truett Cathy (leading self, leading others)· Setting the Table by Danny Meyer (leading organizations)· Good to Great by Jim Collins (leading self, leading organizations)Restaurant Coaching Sessions: Monthly coaching sessions with the Franchise Owner will allow you to connect on both personal and professional levels. This session should range from 60 to 90 minutes.Executive Coaching: You will participate in executive coaching to help focus on personal and professional growth from a professional third party. This is an additional benefit of being part of the program.Mentorship: You should also seek to connect once per month with a personal mentor in a structured manner. We will provide resources on how to establish and manage this relationship.Please apply online with Chick-fil-A Cottonwood FSR at: https://chick-fil-a-cottonwood-fsr.apply-now.us/job/345837/chick-fil-a-internship-entrepreneurial-business-program-14-hour?s=cl

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