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Job Description

A web author/editor is responsible for the content and images used on a website. They plan, research, write copy and edit the content of a website.

Web authors/editors may also take on the role of webmaster and be responsible for dealing with enquiries emailed from the site and overseeing any message boards. They may also get involved in analysing statistics to determine the popularity of the site and how many hits/visits it receives. In larger organisations the webmaster may be a separate role.

A web author/editor may work within an editorial team or alone. They work closely with a range of individuals, from web designers/developers and project/account managers to photographers and marketing professionals. It is essential that they understand their site's target audience and requirements.

This is a non-technical role requiring creative writing skills, although some technical understanding is useful and will help career progression.

A number of factors affect the role of a web author/editor. These include:

  • Whether they are providing the copy for the internet or for an organisation's internal intranet site.
  • The frequency of content updates, for example a corporate website will be relatively static, whereas a news information site may be updated on an hourly basis.


A web author/editor is likely to get involved in:

  • Planning the style of copy required and the frequency with which it will need updating.
  • Creating schedules and agreeing deadlines.
  • Producing new content and writing it in an interesting and appealing manner.
  • Identifying suitable subjects for interview.
  • Sourcing images and artwork, and commissioning photographers.
  • liaising with clients or internal departments to check on content, style and presentation.
  • Incorporating written copy onto the website from other individuals or departments.
  • Maintaining the site once it is live and ensuring the information is accurate.
  • Developing editorial policies, copyright, data protection and best practice.

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

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